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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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Buildings in Tupton.


Four Lane Ends Farm


Nethermoor Road



Red Tile Road


Tupton Post Office



Woodbine Cottage

The above photos from Catherine Moorcroft with thanks.


  The White Hart

The White Hart, Station Road in 1976 (now demolished)                                                                     Credit: David G. Edwards & picturethepast.org.uk.

              Tupton Youth Hall

Tupton Youth Hall

Tupton Youth Club in Nethermoor Road (behind the Methodist Church)  in 1987 before renovation.     First Tupton Brownies begun by Marjorie Ellis, Brown Owl and Mrs Slack, Tawny Owl, met here, as did First Tupton Guides, captained by Hilary Hinchcliffe, Lieutenant, Stephanie Hinchcliffe. Scouts and Clubs also met here and the Methodist Church used it for anniversaries.

Credit: Photo: S. D. Featherson. Text: Pam Winmdley & picturethepast.org.uk




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