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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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Groups of people in Tupton.


Tupton Primary School 1894

Tupton Primary School (approx 1894).

Many thanks to Catherine Moorcroft.

Prim Methodist Football

Primitive Methodist New Tupton Football Team, outside Primitive Methodist Chapel Street.

Tupton Primary School

Tupton infants class.

Victoria Road Sunday School 1920 approx

Victoria Road Methodist Sunday School (1920's)

Many thanks to Catherine Moorcroft.

Tupton School May Day 1930's

Tupton School May Day 1930's.

Ankerbold House at the end of a whit walk.

Ladies from Victoria Road Chapel in Ankerbold House after a Whit walk (1930's or 40's?) .

Names below.

Many thanks to Catherine Moorcroft.

Names of ladies after a whit walk

Many thanks to Catherine Moorcroft.

Avenue Athaletic

Avenue Athaletic

Left standing Stewart Pegg. 3rd left Andrew Pegg

Clay Cross Works

Clay Cross Works  - right hand side front Geoff Pegg.

Second right kneeling Andrew Pegg

Right of goal keeper - Stewart Pegg

Bottom left Andrew Pegg. Bottom 3rd left Stewart Pegg.

Tupton Junior School 1966

Tupton Junior School around 1966. Sitting left Stewart Pegg.

Tupton Fire Dept

1995 Report on Firemen 1944.

Els Westbury at what we think is Tupton Miners welfare.
We don't know the  names of the other people. 
Photo was given to Pam Windley by Ellen Westbury daughter of Els Westbury


Westbury Family

The above photo is of the Westbury family we 'think' around 1905?
Walter Ralph, Vanda Emily, Elsmere Alan,Fred, Charles and Emily Westbury nee Weaving.
We thought this might be taken outside St. John's Church in Tupton but don't think it is.
Let us know if you think it is somewhere else.

Tupton 1910
Alfred Tomlinson with his dray decorated for a carnival or procession at the north end of Green Lane at New Tupton. Alfred Tomlinson lived in Beehive Yard, Brampton where there were stables for his horses and vehicles. 1910
Whit walk
Procession of Witness Whit Walk). Possibly on Station Road - before the houses and bungalows were built in front of Tupton Hall School. To the left of the picture there are what appears to be slabs etc ready for work to start
Many thanks to Pam Windley for the above four photos.

Queen Victoria Road Methodist Chapel
 Standing at the back left Mr Adams, next to him Mr Chinnery. The lady in the middle front is Mrs Greenway who played the organ and piano in the Chapel also overseeing the choral work at Anniversaries etc. She worked in Tupton Junior school as the secretary?

Thanks to Valerie Roe.

1965 in Blackpool. Left to right Terry Vaughan, Terry Brooks, Melv Cooper, Richard Mosley, Joe Rhodes.

Thanks to Valerie Roe.




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