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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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Past Events

5 September 2013 - Cliff Williams.

5 December 2013

Ashover Light Railway

 Ashover Light Railway - Richard Booth.



6 March 2014 - The history of Queens Park - Janet Murphy

6 June 2014 - "North Wingfield" with John Robinson

11 September 2014

Scott Knowles



 "The Great War - A Tommy's Life" with Scott Knowles





Thursday 4 December 2014 - "Tupton Village from the 1920's" with Colin Smith.

Thursday 5 March 2015 - "Chesterfield Canal" with Peter Wilde

Thursday 4 June 2015

Black & White Buildings of Chesterfield

"The black & white buildings in Chesterfield" with Janet Murphy

Thursday 3 September 2015 - Derbyshire (Tibshelf) Oil a talk by Cliff Lee

Thursday 3 December 2015 - Derbyshire on Film - The Peak District.

Thursday 3 March 2016

Egstow Hall


 Talk on Egstow Hall by Cathy Goodyer

Thursday 2 June 2016 - George Stephenson - by Peter Hall of Chesterfield Museum.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Lady Raleigh


Bess of Hardwick - Lady Raleigh (a.k.a. Maureen Taylor)

Thursday 1 December 2016 - Old Miner with Neil Bridgewater Click HERE to see Neil's website.

Thursday 1 March 2017 - Curious and surprising Victorian Derbyshire - Glyn Jones.

Thursday 1 June 2017

Stainsby mill


Stainsby Mill with Sonia Priest


Thursday 7 September 2017

Memory Meeting:

Thursday, 7th December 2017

 Napoleonic POWs in Chesterfield with Marjory Dunn.


Future Meetings:

Thursday, 1st March 2018

 John Stamp Remembers

John Stamp will talk to us about his memories of Tupton, especially about Whitehouse Farm and the families who lived there. John is a great speaker who loves to talk about Tupton. Come along for a wonderful evening.

Thursday, 7th June 2018

 Inspector Hopkinson Discoveries

 Ian Morgan will involve you in the solving a murder case. You are the jury in this 19th century tale of murder. Do you agree with the original jury? Guilty or not, you decide.  


If you know any good local speakers please let us know.



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