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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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People of Tupton.


Tupton Carnival King & Queen

Ellen Cook & Tom Stamp (1930-32) Tupton Carnival King & Queen.

Carnival King, Queen and attendees

Tupton Carnival King & Queen and attendees

Reminiscence by John Stamp click HERE


Carnival day

Carnival Day (Maiden Street) - Irene Westbury (left) & Ellen Westbury.

Pegg and Westbury Family click HERE



John Lowe

John Lowe the darts player was born in a semi-detached house called "Holy Hurst" on Ward Street.

Click the picture above to read an extract from his book "Old Stoneface -My Autobiography."


Click the photo belowof pictures of Mrs Janet Lowe and friends.

 Provided by Angela Hall daughter of Janet Lowe. With thanks



History of Tupton's Chapel Players: Click HERE.

Tupton Tornados 2003

Tupton Tornados ‏ 2003- (Thanks to Pam Windley)

Ernest Bicnell

Ernest Roger Bicknell was a boxer born in Tupton in 1905.

Thanks to Dean Buckley

Tommy Stamp on Horse

Tommy Stamp on Horse.

Tommy a well known farmer and milk man in Tupton and Wingerworth is sat on the Horse with Margaret his daughter. Tommy's father is holding the horse and the young woman we think is Edna Haykin ( nee Westbury ) who did some work on the farm.  

t. John's Church, Tupton

Kathleen Turner front right with Harold Thorpe rear centre. Harold married Edna Turner and she and Harold built the detached house at the top of Whitehouse Farm drive which was in land presumably given them by Edna's father Herbert Turner. Harold was a joiner and undertaker and moved to Ashover.

Rebecca & Herbert Turner

Rebecca and Herbert Turner with Kathleen (then Turner) became Stamp. The Turners bought Whitehouse Farm when the Hunloke estate was sold off.  

John Madin

 John Madin who built and named Madin Street and other properties in Tupton. Lived in big stone house above Madin street  

Whitehouse Farm

Whitehouse Farm around 1955 with the opencast going on in the field operated by a Howie? Elvin?

Not sure whee this is. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Thanks to John Stamp and Pam Windley

Ladies night

Bertha Cantrill, Kath Elliott, Midge White, Ada Simpson.

Thanks to Gail Hamson

This was possibly taken in the New Inn. Year unknown.

Memories of Mrs M Hutchinson

Paul Elliot  my  mam  eldest  kath  youngest  gail    ten  children   no  social  lol     three  brothers  back  of  springwell  terrace   60s

Paul Elliott, his mother, eldest sister Kath and youngest Gail.

Paul and his brothers - 10 children in all.

Thanks to Paul Elliott.

Waterhouse family link

Click above for the Waterhouse Family


Click above for photos of Christmas at Tupton Methodist Church

Click above for crowning of the Tupton Methodist Church Sunday School Queen.

Click above for Methodist Chapel. Queen Victoria Rd, Flower Festival.

Procession of Witness

Click above for Procession of Witness

Mrs Molineu

Mrs Molinue who lived at number 5 Red Tile Row.

Mrs Molinue dressed as a Gypsy and attended all the Carnivals.

Thanks Valerie Roe.

Left to right Karen Cowlishaw, Steve Capewell, Katherine Wilbourne.

Katherine Wilbourne and Karen Cowlishaw.
Late 60's. Taken on the 'Top Road' as it is known to locals - this is Derby Road near the fall lane ends roundabout - the houses which stand back.

Thanks to Valerie Roe.

Graham Whiston on bike on Ward Street

Graham Whiston on bike in Ward Street (about 1950/53)

Many thanks to Paul Elliott

Mac Backhouse

Three ladies are Mac backhouse's grandma on the left - Beatrice shepherd, in the middle Maud shepherd, On the right, Amy shepherd - (she married a Gascoigne)

They were born on Edward Street and their mother Eliza summers ne shepherd died when she was 23 years old

Mac Backhouse

William Shepherd he was Mac Backhouse's great grandfather --- William shepherd 1859 1943 He lived on Edward Street.

Many thanks to Mac Backhouse

David Bancroft

From left to right : Barbara Millington, Graham Carline, David Bancroft, Philip Carline, Tim Flaxman, Liz Marshall, Geoff Marshall and Willie Topham.

This was taken in 1964 on Cross street which joined Queen Victoria Rd and Ward Street.

David Bancroft

 Taken in 1964 Tupton Junior School.

 Back row David Lait David Sutton Keith Johnson, Stephen Naylor David Higginbottom Graham Olejniczak Friedel Watson, David Bancroft. Middle row Judith Betton ???? Christine Clark, Linda Manson? Pat Ord. Front row Janet Taylor, Susan Wakefield, Ann Piplica, Janice Coggar, Jaqueline Stocks.

David Bancroft

This was taken in 1953 and as far as I know is the only one that shows the view down Cross Street towards Queen Victoria Road. I'm the one in the pram and my mum is outside our house distracting me with a home made woollen rattle. Johnson's shop was on the left hand corner and the farm across the road is just obscured by the building on the right. They pulled down our house when I was 11 years old.

David Brancroft

The Wedding at St. John's Church 3 June 1950.

Herbert Bowen with his daughter Vera who was getting married on her 20th Birthday. Herbert fought in the battle of Ypres and the Somme. Ken Ramsdale in the background far right.

David Bancroft

Left to right: Glennis Scott ( nee Oldfield ), Mabel Marshall and Judith Bancroft.

Derek and Vera Bancroft 1950

Derek and Vera Bancroft

Many thanks to David Bancroft

Ron and Eileen Turner pre 1985

Ron (senior) and Eileen Turner in 1985 at Skegness Miners Camp

Ron Turner's family

Left to right: Walter Turner and his wife Katrina, Ron Turner (senior) Eileen Turner taken at Skegness Miners Camp pre- 1985

Ron Turner's family

Left to Right: Eileen Turner, Sally and Christopher Turner ( Walter Turners children ) Ronald Turner -  (Walter and Ronald are brothers)

With thanks to Ronald Turner

David Bancroft

Abergele Caravan Park about 1962.

Left to Right. Mabel Marshall, Vera Bancroft, Geoffrey Marshall and Derek Bancroft, David Bancroft, Philip Carline, Ernie Carline, Gladys Carline, Geoff Marshall ( Senior ) and Elisabeth ( Liz ) Marshall in the middle.

Many thanks to David Bancroft

Auntie Mable's memories as a teenager.




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