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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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Tupton Hall.

Tupton Hall

Tupton Hall in 1800. The house is a 1650 Jacobean mansion built for Thomas & Hellen Gladwin. There have been buildings on this site back to Roaman times, and several of the elegant park ttees are well over a thousand years old. In 1929 Derbyshire Education Committee purchased Tupton Hall and its 52 acre park. The site is still occupied by Tupton Hall School. In 1938 the old hall burnt down and had to be demolished in the interest of safety. Most of the original buildings have since been demolished and replaced.                                                                    This image is one of a collection by the famous local antiquarian, Thomas Bateman of Middleton by Youlgrave. (1821-1861). Bateman organised his collection by inserting them into a 4 volume copy of Lysons Magna Britannia. Derbyshire, creating a fascinating and unique illustrated record of the county. The purchase of the collection for Derbyshire Libraries was made possible by the generous bequest of Miss Francis Webb of Whaley Bridge, well known local historian, who died in December 2006.

Credit: Miss Frances Webb and

Tupton Hall School

Thanks to Karen Cowlishaw

Tupton Boys School 1916

Tupton Boys School Football Team, staff and William Salway (back row far right). - 1916. Mr Sam Orme, 3rd from the right in back row.


Tupton Boys School - 1916

Tupton Boys School Football Team. - 1916


Tupton School boys 1921

Tupton School Boys 1921

Many thanks to Catherine Moorcroft.

Tupton School Class 1925

Tupton Hall School - (could be around 1935). Pictured on the front row, third from the left is May Ashley.


Tupton Grammer School - 1958

Tupton Hall School Grammar School - 1958. The headmaster was Mr. B. F. Rice, M,A.


Tupton Grammer School - 1960

Tupton Hall School Grammar School - 1960.

Credit: A. Spencer, C. Hollingworth and

Tupton Hall School 1960

Tupton Hall Grammar School Staff - 1960

Back Row: Mr Palin, Mr Hill, Mr Davidson, Mr Goodall, Mr Wildbore, Mr Horvat, Mr Watts,                Mr Eyre, Mr Skinner.                                                                                                                                      Middle Row: Mr Hall, Mr Barnes, Mr Boston, Mr Shipley, Mr Cooper, Mr Adams, Mr Cowie,            Miss Jackson,    Miss Maxwell, Miss Andrews, Miss Poulter, Mrs Whetton, Miss Briggs,                           Miss Harris.                                                                                                                                                         Front Row: Mr May, Mr French, Mr Wilby, Mr Hamblin, Mr Southerton, Mr Bond (Dep Head),          Mr Rice (Headmaster), Miss Downie (Senior Mistress) Miss King, Miss Burton, Miss Holmes,           Miss Webster, Miss Green.

Many thanks to Lois Gent - nee Poulter


I. Hartley, P.Scargill, A. Jones, A.Heardman, T.Bagshaw, M.Ball, A.Greasley, D.Beastall, N.Whitmore, C.Marsh, ?, N.Priestnall, D. Wragg, C.Bartram, G.Round, ?, G.Smith, S.Cope, R.Taylor, A.Flavell, ?, F.Goodwin, D.Ford, R.Mellor, ?, M.Whittingham, P.Banner

Next Row L to R :- V.Checkett, R.Slater, J Harris, J. Bunning, ?, ?, A.Clayton, C.Charlesworth, ?, ?, Ladd, B.Hancock, Spriggs, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mr ?, Mr Drabble, Mr Broderick, Mr Palin, Mr Brabbing, Mr Bond, Mr Rice

Front Row L to R :- M.Crofts, ?, D.Watts, R.Wilde, J.Barson, W. Singleton, I.Vickers, L.Shaw, R.Wood, P.Millward

Thanks to Alan Heradman

Year ?

M.Whittingham, P.Bannister, R.Blanchard, J.Brookes, ?, ?, ?, S.Hayes, ?, P.Nix, D.Ruttle, H.Swales, ?, J.Owen, ?, H.Bradley, W.Phillips, L.Sanderson, P.Lee, ?, K.Wall, B.Boyd, ?, ?, M.Wade, ?, C.Gent,      Miss Gill, ?, J.Savage, ?, ?, J.Phillips, ?, ?, A.Fretwell, L.Jewell, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,

Mr Rice, Miss Downey, Mr May, ?, Miss Holmes, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs Phillips

Front Row :- D.Beswick, J.Churchill, G.Hamer, S.Hinchliffe, J.Squires, ?, J.Dethick S.Frakes, L.James

Thanks to Alan Heradman

David Bancroft - Tuoton Hall School


Back Row Neil Burton, Graham Quinton, David Lait, Terry Else, Keith Bowler, Martin Wrigley, John Marples, John ? Graham Olejniczak, ? Richard Durose, Keith Johnson, John Northridge, David Bancroft, Neil ? Dennis Holmes, John Ford David Sutton. Andrew Hadfield.  Middle Row 2nd from left Sandra Haywood, 6th from left Eileen Towndrow, 14th Cheryl Hall 18th Yvonne Smith 20th Christine Clarke. Third Row from left Tina Horvath, 14th Shirley Dent, 16th Pat ?  Front Row Ernie Fox, David Jones, ? Graham Keaton, Andrew ?, Neil Tomlinson, David Lait, Derek Redfearn, 4th from end Kev Bradder, 3rd from right Malc Williams 6th from right Joe Hicks, At the end John Vardy.

Tupton Hall School teachers 1972.Staff  - Autumn 1972?

Many thanks to Lois Gent.

Tupton Hall School

Tupton Hall School

AAfter the gales

Tupton Hall School

Tupton Hall School

Tupton Hall School

Tupton Hall School - Demolition of the old school buildings and construction of the current ones.

Thanks to Alan Heardman

Tupton Hall School Rebuild in the 1970's

Tupton Hall School

New extension - 1968 or 1969.

Thanks to Karen Cowlishaw




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