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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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Pegg & Westbury Family.


Fredrick Charles Westbury

Fredrick Charles Westbury

Irene & Ellen Westbury

Irene Westbury (later Pegg) & her sister Ellen (later Sidlow)

They were winding wool in the back yard of their home in Edward Steet, Tupton.


                                  Len Pegg                              Top right hand side of the lorry is Geoff Pegg 

They were brothers and photo's would have been taken during WW2.

George & Annie Pegg parents of Len & Geoff.

George & Annie Pegg parents of Len & Geoff.

Irene Westbury taken for King George Silver's Jubilee.


Le Edna & Irene Westbury (left side).

Margaret Lowe on the left, Janet Lowe on the right and Pamela Pegg in the middle.

Mr & Mrs Roberts (Mr Roberst was a teacher at Tupton Junior School).

These two verses were recited at the wedding of Mr Geoffrey Pegg & Mrs Irene Pegg (nee Westbury) during WW2.

Geoff was allowed to come home from Palastine for one week for his wedding to Irene.


With thanks to Pam Windley for the above.


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