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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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Streets in Tupton.



Station Road & Heptorne Lane - 1903

Station Road & Hepthorn Lane - 1903.

Ward Street 1903

Ward Street - 1903

The above two photos from Pam Windley with thanks.

Queen Victoria Road

St. John's Church is in the distance on the right hand side.

Not sure who owns the copyright of this picture but will acknowledge it if known.

Queen Victoria Road     Queen Victoria Road     Queen Victoria Road

Spring Well Terrace, Queen Victoria Road 

 Spring Well Terrace     Spring Well Terrace

the steps outside what was Spring Well Terrace, the depth the road originally was.

Thanks to Paul Elliott






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