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Aerial view of Tupton


Taylor's Post Office

Opposite the Methodist Church in Wood-Yard, Tupton.


Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton.

Tupton War Memorial, outside St. John's Church.

September 1921


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"Only by understanding our past can we make the right decisions for the future"

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The Waterhouse Family

Samuel Waterhouse – Sam - was born in 1929 in New Whittington. He was the youngest of 5 children. Sam’s dad, also called Samuel was a steel worker from Barnsley. Sam jnr did an Apprenticeship in upholstery with Eyres. Sam did his National Service in the RAF taking part in the Berlin Airlift.

He married Jacqueline Hartshorne in 1952 and moved into a council house on Queen Victoria Road. They had 5 children. Sam left Eyres to work at the Tube Works before moving to Clay Cross Company in 1962, working there until his retirement in 1994. Sam’s passion was his pigeon racing, having grown up with this hobby through the interest of Sam Snr, also a big pigeon racer.

Sam Waterhouse junior got his loves of racing Pigeons from his father also named Sam who the family called 'Pop'

As a young man Sam made the local paper when to quote the paper -- Little man fought officialdom and won' - it is a very interesting article which shows how every village people can make and stand to better their village.

Sam had a loft on Ankerbold old Road alongside the lofts of Brian Prime and Freddie Baker. He was a member of New Tupton Homing Society which met originally in The White Hart Tupton and latterly at New Tupton Miners Welfare. Sam regularly flew his pigeons in both local and international races. His biggest win being 1st place in the Nantes Race in 1992. He also regularly showed his pigeons in local shows. Sam gave up his loft in the late 90’s but still remained active in the Pigeon Club as Treasurer.

 When Sam gave up his loft, he regularly went to help his best mate, Jeff Wilson with his pigeons. Sam died in 2013 and two of Jeff Wilson’s pigeons were released at his funeral. Jeff also died a few months later.

Jacqueline May Hartshorne - Jackie - was born in 1932 to John and Florence Hartshorne. The eldest of 3 children Jackie first lived on Bridge Street in a small cottage at the side of the railway before moving to a newly built council house on Birkin Avenue.

She passed her 11+ exam but due to the cost of going to Tupton Hall Grammar School she ended up at Clay Cross Secondary Girls School. She was an excellent scholar and became deputy head girl in her last year at school.

Jackie went to work at Robinson’s factory with one of her best friends Joan Frost (Bucknell).

She met Sam Waterhouse at a dance in the Victoria ballroom. They got married in 1952 and went on to have 5 children.

Jackie was a member of the Co-operative Women’s Guild which used to meet in St John’s Church Rooms. She enjoyed performing in the shows they produced.

Jackie was also one of the original committee of the then newly formed Tupton Playgroup, and a fundraiser and member of Tupton Village Hall Committee and Carnival. She also helped with the restoration of the Tuptonia canal boat at Tupton Hall School.

In later years she was an helper at Tupton Lunch Club and Coffee morning. Jackie was also a member of the choir with her good friend Shirley Green, entertaining Tupton residents several times in various shows.

Jackie died in February 2017.

Sam & Jacqueline Waterhouse

Sam and Jacqueline Waterhouse

Sam Waterhouse with his father also named Sam.

Sam Waterhouse with his father also named Sam. Young Sam got his love of Pigeons from his father.

Sam Waterhouse at the Pigeon Cotes

Sam Waterhouse at the Pigeon Cotes

Pigeon Club group photo.

Pigeon Club group photo.

 Sam Waterhouse stood with his back to the partition far right.

 Mr Storer is top left Jeff Wilson 3rd from left top right is Mr Hoult the undertaker ? Killer Walters is in the middle of the picture Pete Wilson - Jeff Wilson’s son is 2nd right middle row One of the Ridgeway so is 1st left middle row Fred Baker is sat 2nd left

Newspaper article regarding Sam Waterhouse

 Newspaper article regarding Sam Waterhouse

Sam gets another first prize

 Sam gets another first prize.

 Many thanks to Vicky Wood for all of the above

Tupton Playgroup opens

Tupton Playgroup

Jacqueline Waterhouse.back Row 3rd from the right.

 Back Row: (In No order) Margaret Northend, Kath Cantril, Pauline Clark, Shirley Green, Pauline Hawkins, Shirley Green

Front Row: (In No Order) Barbara Shepherd, Margaret Kerr, Cynthia Roberts, Pat Hopkinson

Thanks to Cynthia Roberts




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