Buildings in tupton



Valerie Roe and her family lived at number 6 Red Tile Row next door to Mrs Molinue who was in number 5.


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The White Hart

The White Hart, Station Road in 1976 (now demolished)

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The  White  Hart  - 1988

The White Hart - 1988

The  White  Hart  - 2020

Taken from the same view- 2020

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Tupton Youth Club.

Tupton Youth Club in Nethermoor Road (behind the Methodist Church) in 1987 before renovation. First Tupton Brownies begun by Marjorie Ellis, Brown Owl and Mrs Slack, Tawny Owl, met here, as did First Tupton Guides, captained by Hilary Hinchcliffe, Lieutenant, Stephanie Hinchcliffe. Scouts and Clubs also met here and the Methodist Church used it for anniversaries.

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This cafe was originally a shop which was built by George Stephenson the train designer for those working on the railway line which goes through Tupton.

Whitehouse Farm around 1955 with the opencast going on in the field operated by a Howie? Elvin? nbsp;

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This was the home of the Elvin's / Prices.

Built it is thought in 1920' s early 30's ? and demolished in 2003. It stood a little higher up on the opposite side of the road to where the Post Office is now on Nethermoor Road.

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Joe Morton's Shop at 8 Green Lane. The shop was demolished in the 70's

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