Corporation Street



Corporation Street. Built in 1876 - Alan Taylor

Corporation Street. Built in 1876.

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As with the Midland Hotel. 1905. - Alan Taylor

Freemans Temperance Hotel was listed to benefit from the nearby railway station. Photographed in around 1905, this queerly-shaped building had been enlarged by Freeman, and had fourteen en-suite bedrooms, two dinning room and two billiard rooms. It was demolished in 1983 for the inner relief road to pass directly beneath the site. (Corporation Street)

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The Hippodrome, c. 1920 - Alan Taylor

The Hippodrome, - 1920, with flagpole and gas lighting. This building, originally known as the Theatre replaced an earlier theatre of about 1900 and showed silent films until 1930, when a talking film with Buster Keaton and Jack Benny was s how's. The theatre was controlled by Terence Byrom Ltd. in the mid-30's and continued with live variety shows, seasonal and pantomimes, after featuring well-known a artistes, before closing in 1954.

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Corporation Street - 1960s. - Alan Taylor

Corporation Street - 1960s

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The Hippodrome in Corporation Street- Mick Walpole

The Hippodrome in Corporation Street

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Corporation Street

Corporation Street September 1956.

The Hippodrome opened in 1886 as the Theatre Royal. It re-opened in 1912 as the Hippodrome and closed in 1954. It was later demolished.

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Corporation Street 1960 - Alan Taylor

Corporation Street 1960

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Corporation Street,  - 1960. - Alan Taylor

Corporation Street, - 1960

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Corporate Street. Largely empty in 1977 - Alan Tsaylor

Freeman's Temperance Commercial Hotel, Corporation Street, in the late 1970s. Built last century to attract the rail travellers, this hotel was advertised as 'home from home', with fourteen en suite rooms, billiards and dining saloons. It was Jay's furniture store for some time after the war but stood empty for a long time before its final demolition.

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Corporation St - Kev Walton

Corporation St - ?

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Corporate Street. Largely empty in 1977 - Alan Taylor

Largely empty in 1977 when pictured only the small book shop survived on the trade of passing railway customers till demolition for the relief road in 1983. The thick end of the wedge had prospered as Freeman's Temperance Hotel in pre-war years.

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The junction of Corporation Street with Eyre Street about 1977. - Alan Taylor

The junction of Corporation Street with Eyre Street about 1977. The three pillars bat the old way to the station and long before that, to the Bishop's Mill below Topton. The cars are parked on the site of eighteen dwellings, three shops and the Midland Hotel.

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