People who were born in Chesterfield incude:

Sir John Hurt (1940-2017)

Paul Burrell (1958) - Princess Diana's butler.

Barbara Castle (1910 - 2002) Ex M.P.

Fred Davis (1938 - 1998) - World Snooker Champion.

Emmer Miller Plaque. A pioneer trade union organiser  - Oxford Churches

Emma Miller


A pioneer trade union organiser, suffragist and key figure in organisations which led to the founding of the Australian Labour Party in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Born on 26 June 1839 in Chesterfield. Eldest of 4 children. Mother – Martha Holmes nee Hollingworth & father Daniel. They had strong Unitarian beliefs and were active in the Chartist movement. She Migrated to Australia in 1879.

Thanks to Oxford Churches.


Horse & Cart

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