Future Events



7pm Thursday 7 May 2020 - Extra Meeting.


Talk about the time leading up to the end of World War II with Bob Masey.



7pm Thursday 4 June 2020.


Barrow Hill Roundhouse with Mervyn Allcock MBE

The North Midland Railway reached Staveley by 1841 when the original Barrow Hill station opened on April 6th. It closed on November 15th 1888 and with the opening of the Clowne and Mansfield branch the new station opened the same date. The station was renamed "Barrow Hill & Staveley Works". An engine shed was built near the station in 1865 with a capacity for four engines. The former steam roundhouse located at Barrow Hill near Chesterfield, is a unique example of 19th century railway architecture. It is the last surviving operational roundhouse engine shed in Great Britain. Barrow Hill Roundhouse.


7pm Thursday 3 September 2020


Now 2 September 2021

Hope Valley Line with Stephen Gaye


7pm Thursday 2 December 2020

Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas with Janet Ridler



7pm Thursday 4 March 2021


As remembered on its 750th. Anniversary.

Battle of Chesterfield drawing

Battle of Chesterfield

with Geoffrey Holmes


7pm Thursday 3 June 2021

Bolsolver Castle

Bolsover Castle with Ian Morgan

From its humble Norman beginnings this magnificent castle has developed into a beautiful shadow of its former glory. The present 17th century castle stands as a monument to the Cavendish family who lavished money and love on their ‘Pleasure Palace’, leaving as their legacy a romantic ruin and stunning paintings within the ‘Little Castle’.


7pm Thursday 2 September 2021

Stephen Gray - Picture postcard railway rambles

Hope Valley Line with Stephen Gaye




If you know any good local speakers please let us know.